Shimoji Sensei visit in October 2011

Shimoji Sensei breaking a baseball bat with his toes

Shimoji Sensei came to France in the month of October 2011. His tour schedule is as follows: Thursday 13/10 : Training Club Careers-sur-Seine on Saturday night 15/10 and Sunday 16/10 : Internships in Poland Monday 17/10 : Training UNESCO Club, Paris on Tuesday evening 18/10 and Wednesday 19/10 : Internships Tours Thursday

Internship with the brothers Uechi – The Paris 21 more 2011

70 people gathered on Saturday 21 more 2011 for the course Uechi Ryu Karate International headed by brothers and Uechi Uechi Kansho Kanji (4th generation). Our Belgian friends led by Patrick, our Polish friends led by Zbigniew Rychlewski and our friend Igor representing the Russian Uechi-ryu had traveled to Paris.

Karate training for 20 years of CESAM Tours – 2 and 3 April 2011

Saturday 2 April 2011 and Sunday 3 April 2011 This weekend was on course for Okinawan Karate 20 years of the Center for Study Of Martial Arts in Tours. This course was attended by a hundred different styles of karate (shotokan, shito ryu, goju ryu, shorin ryu, shotokaï et uechi ryu) and

Stage the Karaté à Marseille – February 2011

Karate internship Marseille - February 2011

This weekend took place on Uechi Ryu Karate training in Marseille led by Master Shimabukuro, federal expert. 15 people were present, from the Shotokan style, Goju Ryu, Uechi Ryu, and practitioners Viet Vo Dao and Taekwondo. The first day was devoted to the specifics of Uechi Ryu : techniques

National Internship Uechi-ryu in Paris 21 more 2011

Uechi-ryu poster national internship in Paris 21 more 2011

On the occasion of France shot of Uechi-ryu to be held Sunday 22 more 2011, Shimabukuro Sensei is very pleased to announce that the fourth generation of Uechi-Ryu Soke: the eldest son, Kansho( 39 years, 6th dan) et starch (37 years, 6th dan) honor us with their presence at

Sensei Shimabukuro en stage à Moscou (Russia) – 20/21 November 2010

Poster internship in Russia led by Sensei Shimabukuro (Russia)

The 20/21 Shimabukuro Sensei in November dirigé a stage in Moscow, Russia at the invitation of Igor Gorbunov, Uechi-ryu teacher and practicing we had the pleasure of meeting several times in France during internships and trainings (to see his website). The Moscow practitioners were given the pleasure of

Stage de Karate dirigé par le Maître Haruyoshi Shimabukuro 15 more 2010 and cut France Uechi Ryu

Stage of Uechi-ryu National Karate-do took place on Saturday 15 more 2010 Gymnasium at Didot (Paris 14°). It was led by Master Haruyoshi Shimabukuro, 8th dan in Uechi-ryu, following the branch of Soke Kanmei Uechi. In his dojo in Naha, à Okinawa, Master Haruyoshi develops Uechi-ryu Karate Jissen (Karate for actual combat).

Karate training course led by Master Shimoji – November December 2009

Shimoji Montesson

Registrants Internship Montesson, Touraine, and had a total of Limoges 150 people (40 children 110 adults). Participants in the training 28 November 06 December 2009 had a total of more than 350 people. Shimoji Sensei was very pleased with the warm welcome of French practitioners. He noted that the

Tokyo 2009

Tournoi international Shimoji - Tokyo in August 2009

At the competition organized by Shimoji Sensei in Tokyo on Sunday 23 August 2009, there is a French team participated. The results are : Didier Lorho, first place in Kata Cyrille Brosseau, third in Kata Raphael B., second place and Kumite

Karate Training with Kansho and Kanyu Uechi – 16 more 2009

Kumite demonstration by Kansho brothers and Kanyu Uechi

Over 80 participants attended the training course run by the brothers and Kansho Kanyu Uechi, great grand son of the founder of our school. All Uechi Ryu clubs were present French and Belgian practitioners and Spanish. We noticed that the Soke is the symbol of Uechi-ryu unit. In three years, us

Visite de Uechi Kansho Kanyu en France et

Uechi brothers

Visit Uechi Kansho and Kanyu in France on the occasion of the Coupe de France Uechi-ryu in May 2009.   Master Uechi Kanmei, the third generation of Uechi-ryu Soke in Okinawa, Japan, three son : Kansho, Kanji, et Kanyu. These three are talented son karate-ka. The eldest son, Kansho comes with

Karate training at the Fondettes 31 January and 1 February 2009

The course of the weekend 31/01 and 01/02/2009 Touraine went well. Thank you to Eric and Lazarus for the excellent organization of this course. Also thank you to all participants. Good luck and see you soon. Y. Shimabukuro