National Internship Uechi-ryu in Paris 21 more 2011

Uechi-ryu poster national internship in Paris 21 more 2011

On the occasion of France shot of Uechi-ryu to be held Sunday 22 more 2011, Shimabukuro Sensei is very pleased to announce that the fourth generation of Uechi-Ryu Soke: the eldest son, Kansho( 39 years, 6th dan) et starch (37 years, 6th dan) honor us with their presence on this occasion.

And to mark their arrival exceptional course will be held on Saturday 21 more 2011 Gymnasium in Didot in Paris 14th district.

Kansho a Kanji dirigeront le Stage National de Uechi-Ryu qui aura lieu le Saturday 21 mai de 14h30 17h30 upgrade Didot attended the Gymnasium Shimabukuro Sensei Yukinobu, Federal expert and official representative of Uechi-ryu Soke in Europe.

Didot gym
22 Of. Georges Lafenestre
75014 PARIS

Date et horaire: Saturday 21 more 2011 from 14h30 through 17h30

Participation fee: 20 euros
Open to all styles and all levels from 14 years.

We count on your presence to meet these young samurai and welcome as it should be.

information: uechiryu[point]europe[@]gmail[point]with

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