Les katas du Uechi-Ryu


Sanchin is one of 3 katas ramenés de Chine par Kambun Uechi (with Seisan and Sanseirui).

This Kata was directly introduced from China by Kanbun. It means "three battles". The Kata must be performed each time with all the energy as if we fought three times. Kata is the hardening and breathing. This is done three times at each drive in Okinawa. This Kata is the basis of all the Katas and the main idea of ​​the style Uechi Ryu. We can say that without properly learn Sanchin can not learn Uechi Ryu.


Ce Cree word a été par Kanei Uechi. For he took the name Kan Kanbun for HUS and Shiwa Shiwa, tribute to these two great masters. At the beginning it was called Kanshabu, et son nom fout changé one Kanshiwa one 1970. Becaufe it was previously Shiwa SHU SHU Shabu pronounced the way Chinese, Japanese pronunciation being adopted at the end of the year 1960.


Seiki ITOKAZU times a été par ce Creek (1926-), élève the Kane. Ce s'appelait Daini said Seisan (second Seisan) as established as the Kata Seisan to learn before. This Kata has also changed its name in Kanshu taking Kan Kanbun SHU Shu Shiwa and at the same time as changing the name Kanshiwa. This kata is also appointed by respect and in memory of two great experts SHU Shiwa and Kanbun.


This means ten fights or fighting to ten years. In ancient Japan, boys became major at the age of 13 years ; the age of ten major means therefore almost. Quand on Teach Seichin, it is almost a Karateka (Karate practitioner) begins to know the good and bad sides of Karate. This kata was created by Saburo UEHARA (1900-1965) who was a student of Kanbun, the founder of Uechi Ryu.


Seisan is the fifth kata taught in Uechi-ryu style. This is one of three katas introduced from China by Uechi Kanbun (with Sanchin and Sanseirui).

The name of this Kata means thirteen reference 13 technical or 13 years. At the age of 13 years boys reach the majority. When you learn this Kata, you reach the black belt, ie adulthood of Karateka. This Kata was directly introduced from China by Kanbun.


This is the number sixteen in reference to 16 technical or 16 years. This means we're still in the stage of training after the age of majority to acquire the maturity. Ce fut Cree word par Kanei.


This kata reminds Kan Kanbun or "perfection" and Chin to fight, signifying the fight Kanbun or full combat. We can say that we have arrived at a perfect level of independence for the fight when it comes to learning this kata. Kanei created this kata to honor the memory of his father Kanbun.


This Uechi Ryu Kata mean thirty-six, which evokes 360 degrees, one whole round. This kata uses all the techniques of Uechi Ryu, and faces of 360 degrees. The control of this Kata shows that the practitioner has reached a very high level so that it can solve alone the difficult situation of being surrounded by enemies.

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