Coupe de France Uechi-Ryu 2008

Coupe de France Uechi-ryu Karate-do – Sunday 18 more 2008 the Elisabeth Gymnasium (Paris 14th)

Coupe de France Uechi-ryu Karate-do 2008

There was 65 participants in the competition Kata.

Results Kata Male Seniors :

  • First : Bertrand Raynaud (Uechi-ryu Limoges)
  • Second : Dominick Hubacz (Uechi-ryu USMC Yvelines)
  • Third : Tsuyosi Shimabukuro (Uechi-ryu USMC Yvelines)

Results Female Seniors :

  • First : Karine HELOIN (Uechi-ryu USMC Yvelines)
  • Second : My Surlemont (Uechi-ryu Aulnay Sous Bois)
  • Third : Véronique Auge (Uechi-ryu Toulouse)

The Stage and La Coupe de France Uechi-ryu is a party. We participate to deepen our friendships, and also to inform and energize the beautiful style that & rsquo; Uechi-ryu is the.

Next year we will invite Master Uechi Kanmei, Okay du Uechi-ryu, third generation Futenma, Okinawa. The Stage and the Coupe de France next year will take place on the weekend of 16 and 17 more 2009. Do not miss this great event!

All Karate clubs Uechi-ryu affiliated with the French Federation of Karate can participate in the Coupe de France Uechi-ryu. Participants must have two license stamps and passports issued by FFkaraté. This condition is the same for referees.

Foreign competitors may also participate in the Coupe de France Uechi-ryu s & rsquo; they have their license FFkaraté. The recommended solution to foreign competitors is that they adhere to a French club to get the license and passport FFkaraté. Same advice for those wishing to participate in the arbitration.

Do not hesitate to contact Didier LORHO ( uechiryu.europe@free .fr ), head of the Organization of the Coupe de France Uechi-ryu. Didier is always ready to help you.

Yukinobu Shimabukuro

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  • Literature

    Book: “Uechi-ryu Karate-do” Sensei Shimabukuro Yukinobu

    Livre Uechi Ryu Karate Do

    Finally released, This is the first work in France on the Uechi-ryu and French. Directed by Sensei Shimabukuro Yukinobu, 9th dan Uechi-ryu shubukan, representative of Uechi-ryu in Europe by soke Uechi-ryu. This collection gives us the history of karate, of Uechi-ryu but also the history of Shimabukuro Sensei himself, told in a very modest way with great humility.