In continuation of the Coupe de France Uechi-Ryu, the French Federation of Karate and Associated Disciplines, organized on Sunday 5 June, an open course to all practitioners.
Didier Lorho, 5th Dan and president of the association Uechi-Ryu Karate Do Europe, back with us on this event.

Stage Uechi Ryu - Maison Laffitte 2016


Hirokuni Yamashiro, 8th Dan and professor at Okinawa, moved for the occasion, to teach this course in conjunction with Yukinobu Shimabukuro, 8th Dan and expert federal. It's about fifty participants who could benefit from the knowledge of these two great masters of the discipline. While most had attended the day before in the Coupe de France, the spirit of the day Sunday was different. Work, made in the tradition of Okinawa, took place at a steady pace and martial atmosphere.
Trainees, all smiles at the end of this gathering, were proof of the satisfaction that reigned.


Interview with Didier Lorho, 5th Dan, that sheds light on the foundations of Uechi-Ryu ...

A little history

The Uechi-Ryu is a martial art that comes from South China. Its founder Uechi Kanbun, Japanese original party to avoid conscription Japanese, there was the meeting of Shu Shi Wa, expert Pangainoon (ed. Chinese boxing school). This school whose techniques are based on three animal symbols, the Tiger, the dragon and crane, goes much influence Kanbun. After 10 years at his side, Kanbun Uechi obtained her teaching diploma.

He returned a few years later in Japan and opened his first dojo where he was teaching the Karate Jutsu Pangainoon. Back in Okinawa, it transforms the name of his school "Uechi-Ryu Karate Jutsu". Today it is the only karate style that still bears the name of its founder.

China return, Kanbun Uechi only knew 3 kata, namely Seisan, Sanseiryu et Sanchin. It was only when his son, Kanei Uechi, took over from his father that he created 5 additional katas.

The specifics of the style

The three symbols, namely the tiger, the dragon and crane are inherent elements in Uechi-Ryu. We find certain techniques that resemble it in our katas, such as the use of fingers as a claw or spike.

Today the Uechi-Ryu has only 8 kata, which is smaller compared with other styles of karate, Shito-Ryu as or Shotokan.
Positions are high, we work "Sanchin Dachi" on kata because the Uechi-Ryu is a martial art based on self-defense. So, the application of defensive and offensive techniques work more intuitively.

In addition, there is a huge hardness of body work, or "Where Kitae». To this every workout there is a pair work in which blows are worn, so that the opponent is strengthened. The ultimate aim, in real life, can dissuade his opponent merely by using a focused block.

Its modern evolution

Yukinobu Shimabukuro with us (ndrl. Didier Lorho) have created 2006 Coupe de France of Uechi-Ryu. Initially the competition was only focused on the katas. We subsequently associate the fight game, then open only to seniors.

In the KO competition is allowed, the face it is formed with a foot technique, and body, where the hand techniques are joining the first. To distinguish the Uechi-Ryu other styles, fists techniques must be initiated by blockages to be counted. Later we added ground work, which allows competitors to continue to work for 10 seconds. So, if immobilization battle is won by Ippon Shobu.

With time, we wanted to integrate the younger categories. For this we have amended the regulation and inserted mandatory protections (except protectors feet that have no mandatory status) for categories ranging from small chick. For cadets and juniors, strikes to the body are allowed, but the knockout face are forbidden.
Finally, in terms of sports development we spend our ranks as well as other styles of karate. of course we adapt because our school is different, but it is karate !

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