Sunday 28 August 2016 Hachioji, town located 40km to the & rsquo; west of Tokyo, s & rsquo; place the 35th international tournament of Uechi-ryu, organized by Yasuo sensei Shimoji.
Didier Lorho, président de l’association Uechi-ryu Karate-Do Europe, Malik Diagne club of Carrières-sur-Seine and Corentin Jean Club of La Riche are involved.
En kata, Didier Lorho ranks 1st.
In kumite Malik Diagne goes up on the 3rd place, Corentin Jean is itself eliminated in the quarterfinals.
Congratulations to all three for their remarkable journey and thank you to the organizers for this wonderful competition.

Karate competition participants Tokyo 2016

the fight winners - Tokyo 2016

winners in kata - Tokyo 2016

Tokyo France team 2016