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Welcome to the club Toulouse Shubukan !

view2004Le Toulouse Shubukan est une association loi 1901 qui a pour objectif la promotion des arts martiaux dans leurs aspects sportifs, éducatifs et culturels.

Beginners are welcome to all courses. Enrollment during the season are accepted. We are pleased to offer you a free trial and without commitment during, contact us.

Days and times: “News”

  • Karate (style uechi ryu) all levels from 12:15 to 1:30 p.m. on Mondays and Fridays and every other Wednesday. One Friday evening per month advanced course is intended to prepare the passages of dan and competitions, from 19h.
  • Kobudo all levels from 12:15 to 1:30 p.m. every Thursday and every second Wednesday and a Friday night a month from 19h.

The detailed schedule:

Practical information for the season 2017-2018 :

Classes are held from early September to early July except during Christmas holidays.

The resumption of classes will be held:

  • Monday 4 September 2017 for the Karate at 12:15
  • Friday 8 September 2017 for the kobudo at 12:15 (for practical reasons a small modification of the reverse schedule Friday with karate kobudo classes for Thursday 2 first weeks of the year.)

The karate are led by Jean SMITH, 5th AND, certified teacher status 1he degree, Sébastien LANGLAIS, 4th AND – Federal Instructor Diploma, Assisted by Didier BESOMBES, 2th DAN - Federal Animator Diploma.

All practitioners are affiliated with the French Federation of Karate (FFKDA). The style is practiced’Uechi-ryu.

During the kobudo are animated parSébastien Langlais (1heMenkyo), assisted by Guy ARDIT, co-Shikaku (2th Menkyo). All practitioners are affiliated with Oshukai.

For more information, participate in a trial class, contact us:

The Dojo is located at 28 Rue de Toulouse Aiguette. You have to cross the center of the formation Aiguette restaurant along the corridor, The dojo is located in the courtyard on the left.

Le dojo est situé au sud-ouest de Toulouse, près du Lycée Polyvalent Rive Gauche, à 300m de l’arrêt de bus du même nom (lignes 8, and 14) et du rond-point de la Cépière; or 900m from the metro Mirail University. You will find below the detailed plan.

See Google Map.

Map (pdf) bus and subway (Tisseo)

Classes Wednesday (or karate kobudo) held at Gymnasium 9 Bernadette street in Toulouse.

See Google Map.

To learn more about the subjects taught

The club offers classes for both traditional fighting arts of Okinawa: the Karate and kobudo. Karate focuses on work with bare hands, kobudo focuses on the practice of weapons.

These two disciplines are complementary both in their technical aspect as historical. However, it is quite possible to choose not to practice a, noting that it is still advised to kobudo practitioners to have a little prior experience in a martial art with bare hands.

The course is intended for practitioners of all levels from 14 years (the club does not currently offers section child). They do not require special physical ability. The drive is not turned to the competition, but allows those who wish to prepare for and participate in various events calendar.


French Cup 2008

Coupe de France 2008: delegation Toulouse (Fred, Eric, Vincent, Didier, Guy, Vero) pose with Sensei Shimabukuro

Thierry in Tokyo 2007
Summer 2007, Thierry is a double technical and fight in Tokyo. A sa droite, Sensei Shimoji, 10and AND, président de la Fédération Internationale de Uechi-ryu.

Uechi-ryu Karate

Uechi-ryu Karate is gradually known in France. This is one of the 4 major currents of Karate on Okinawa. It focuses on strengthening the body and movement 3 animals: tigre, crane and dragon.

The teaching follows the line technical Uechi family through its representative for Europe, Sensei Shimabukuro, 9th AND d'Okinawa, student of Uechi Sensei Toyama, Japanese high ranking with the French Federation of Karate and we are privileged to receive education through various courses.

Sensei Shimabukuro


Le Kobudo

It is an art whose name means ancient martial art that covers the traditional practice of arms (because, out, Tunkwa or tonfa, nunchaku, already, sansetsukon, nuntibo, eku, kama, etc.) as taught in Okinawa.

The club has some weapons that can be loaned for beginners.

kobudo weapons

The 14 main weapons of Okinawan Kobudo (photo issue du site Oshukai)

The technique is the line followed Matayoshi taught in this school by school Oshukai Sensei Chinen, distinguished Okinawa grades 9th AND de karate, and 8th Then the kobudo.

Sensei Chinen

Sensei Chinen (photo site Oshukai)

Practitioners are affiliated to the International Federation Oshukai we invite you to browse the site where you will find lots of information on the practice of Kobudo and in particular the details of the weapons taught.


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  1. Sophie Palierne says:

    This year-end 2015 is a source of Congratulations!
    First Sébastien Langlais who earned his 4th dan brilliantly last week!
    And since today, day of passage of rank, we congratulate:
    Stephanie Cannenterre for his yellow belt (5th kyu)
    Marion De Saint Victor for his orange belt (4th kyu)
    Emmanuel Bonnet for his blue belt (2th kyu)
    Pierre Teodori for his blue belt (2th kyu)
    Congratulations to all!!!

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  • Literature

    Book: “Uechi-ryu Karate-do” Sensei Shimabukuro Yukinobu

    Livre Uechi Ryu Karate Do

    Finally released, This is the first work in France on the Uechi-ryu and French. Directed by Sensei Shimabukuro Yukinobu, 9th dan Uechi-ryu shubukan, representative of Uechi-ryu in Europe by soke Uechi-ryu. This collection gives us the history of karate, of Uechi-ryu but also the history of Shimabukuro Sensei himself, told in a very modest way with great humility.