Stage de Karate dirigé par le Maître Haruyoshi Shimabukuro 15 more 2010 and cut France Uechi Ryu

Stage Haruyoshi 2010

Stage of Uechi-ryu National Karate-do took place on Saturday 15 more 2010 Gymnasium at Didot (Paris 14°). It was led by Master Haruyoshi Shimabukuro, 8th dan in Uechi-ryu, following the branch of Soke Kanmei Uechi.

In his dojo in Naha, à Okinawa, Master Haruyoshi develops Uechi-ryu Karate Jissen (Karate for actual combat). The students participate in full-contact Kyokushin tournaments and bring good results.

Fifty participants were impressed and enjoyed teaching Haruyoshi Sensei in a very friendly atmosphere.

We will invite Master Uechi Kanmei, third generation of Uechi-ryu Soke, and his eldest son, Kansho Uechi, for the national internship in May 2011 on the occasion of the Coupe de France Uechi-ryu. Do not miss this opportunity.

Coupe de France Uechi Ryu 2010

Cup France Uechi-Ryu organized by the French Federation of Karate and Uechi-ryu Karate-do Association France, took place on Sunday 16 more 2010, the day after the course with the usual tests kata and kumite morning afternoon.

The results are:

  1. Said senior masculin: 1era place: Antonio Florio de Unesco Club, 2th place: Valentin Maricourt Club Maisons Laffite, 3th place: Vincent Britelle, Club Toulouse

  2. Kata senior women: 1era place: Lucie Bodere Club Maisons Laffitte, 2st place: My Surlemont, Club Aulnay S / Wood

  3. Senior Men Kumite least 75kg : 1era place: Vincent Perez, Club d'Asvo Paris, 2th place: Cyril Brosseau, Club St Avertin, 3th place: Cédric South, Club Aulnay S / Wood

  4. Kumite senior men over 75kg: 1era place: Anthony Martin, Club of the Rich-Tours, 2th place: Raphael B., Career Club S / Seine, 3thplace: Jacques Husser, Careers Club S / Seine

  5. Kumite female senior open: 1era place: Lucie Boder, Maisons Laffitte Club, 2th place: My Surlement, Club Aulnay S / Wood


      All results of the Coupe de France Uechi-Ryu 2010 are available in PDF format.

      Podium Kata Uechi 2010

      Y. Shimabukuro

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