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the French to the & rsquo; honor in the newspaper in Okinawa

Journal Okinawa - Shimabukuro

Article published in the newspaper in Okinawa in August 2018 to & rsquo; occasion of the International Karate Tournament and traditional kobudo. Master Yukinobu Shimabukuro and French karate occupy a whole page.

  • Literature

    Book: “Uechi-ryu Karate-do” Sensei Shimabukuro Yukinobu

    Livre Uechi Ryu Karate Do

    Finally released, This is the first work in France on the Uechi-ryu and French. Directed by Sensei Shimabukuro Yukinobu, 9th dan Uechi-ryu shubukan, representative of Uechi-ryu in Europe by soke Uechi-ryu. This collection gives us the history of karate, of Uechi-ryu but also the history of Shimabukuro Sensei himself, told in a very modest way with great humility.