Visite de Uechi Kansho Kanyu en France et
on the occasion of the Coupe de France Uechi-ryu in May 2009.


frères Uechi

Master Uechi Kanmei, the third generation of Uechi-ryu Soke in Okinawa, Japan, three son : Kansho, Kanji, et Kanyu. These three are talented son karate-ka.

Uechi Kansho Uechi Kanyu

The eldest son, Kansho comes with his younger brother, Kanyu in Paris to direct the course of Saturday 16 more 2009 from 14:30 to 17:30 in the gymnasium Didot (20 Of. Marc Sangnier 75014 Paris, Subway 13, Porte de Vanves).

They are also present in the Coupe de France Uechi-ryu Sunday 17 May as guests of honor.

Meet us at training and competitions taking advantage of the opportunity to meet the fourth generations of Uechi-ryu Soke.