The 30 August 2015 was held 34th International Uechi-Ryu tournament in Tokyo, organized by Sensei Yasuo Shimoji 9th and.

Four competitors and competitors Yvelines made the trip for this event.

Didier Lorho 5th dan and professor at Carrières-sur-Seine was accompanied by his daughter Pauline Lorho 1he dan ainsi que de Said Tadjer 2th Dan and Alexander Pauporté 2th and, both of Maisons-Laffitte.

The results are exceptional because Didier Lorho ranks 1he and Pauline Lorho 2th en word. Said Tadjer et Alexandre Pauporté, meanwhile get the 1era and 2th place en kumité.

This wonderful harvest floor Nippon medals, is once again honor the French Karate

competitors Tokyo 2015medalists Tokyo 2015

L & rsquo; French team is in & rsquo; honor in the Japanese magazine World & rsquo; s Leading Monthly Magazine of Karatedo & FullContact November 2015.

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The French Karate honored at Tokyo