The cutting France Uechi-ryu 2015 was held 6 June at Maisons-Laffitte (78).
On this occasion Haruyoshi Shimabukuro sensei was the & rsquo; d & rsquo invited; honor this competition.

The event brought together over 170 technicians and combatants in all categories.
The kata presented were d & rsquo; an excellent level and fierce fighting.

Sunday 7 June, Haruyoshi Shimabukuro Sensei led a course where he demonstrated all technical aspects of the Uechi-ryu.

The kata competitors The fight medalistsMedalists kata Maîtres Haruyoshi Shimabukuro et Yukinobu ShimabukuroCourse run by sensei Haruyoshi Shimabukuro at Maisons-Laffitte (France) the 07.06.2015

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And here are the results :

Cup France Uechi-ryu 2015 – Kumite results

Cup France Uechi-ryu 2015 – Kata results

From the President :

Hello everyone,

The 10th edition of the Coupe de France Uechi-ryu comes from s & rsquo; complete and I want to thank all those who worked to make this event a success.

All d & rsquo; first, I thank :

All competitors for their valor and quality of their performance both in kata that & rsquo; in combat.

The arbitrators and the staff who were at the height of the & rsquo; event, who have demonstrated professionalism and education.
Véronique adresseras you my thanks to all your team. They were perfect despite the difficulty of regulatory change.

L & rsquo; team of the bar which was great and efficient, made of :
– Sylvie
– Nathalie and her daughters
– Adele
– Céline

Pierrette our president Joel league and league official equipment that have provided valuable help and unwavering.

Eliama league which was among others at passport controls.

Cathy who administered the competition all along this day.

L & rsquo; Red Cross team that we will ask again and did a good job.

The public has encouraged all competitors warmly despite the heat that prevailed in the sports arena.

Finally, our two sensei Haruyoshi Yukinobu Shimabukuro Shimabukuro and two men of great value and have all my esteem.

If I & rsquo; have forgotten someone & rsquo; m & a please rsquo; apologies.

You will find all results as an attachment.

I give you an appointment at the & rsquo; next year and wish you now good summer vacation.

Didier Lorho


An article about the Coupe de France Uechi Ryu appeared in the magazine of the French Karate Federation. You can find it here : Cup France Uechi-ryu 2015 – article FFK