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Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 November 2013, held a large training karate style Uechi Okinawa. This course co-organized by the clubs Karate Larçay and La Riche brought together over a hundred karate from 6 years on two days. The new president of CESAM, John told us Coutable : "I am very satisfied with the number of participants for a course of this magnitude, practitioners local clubs moved and people of Italy, Jura, Brittany and Toulouse. »

The teachers were invited Shimoji Yasuo, President of the International Federation of Uechi-Ryu Tokyo (JAPAN) and Okinawan expert of the French Federation of Karate that develops this school in France : Yukinabu SHIMABUKURO. They both "Hanshi and 9th and au Japon.

Very accessible, these two great names of karate brought with kindness and rigor of the specificities of Uechi school practiced in dojos Larçay and La Riche. Little present in France, this ancient style is known for its seizure, use open hands, Meanwhile infighting and struggles to full contact ! Students were able to practice or learn the Hojo Undo (Uechi Ryu of specific kihon), les katas of Sanchi Upcoming Seisan, Where le Kitaï (curing the body) and the martial applications of the techniques of the kata.

To conclude the course, Shimoji master of Japan was awarded the medal of the city of LA RICHE in token of friendship and appreciation by Martine Allain, Deputy Mayor of the city and responsible for sports. The masters in return made a gift to the colors of Okinawa birthplace of karate.

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