The 22 October 1he November 2016, Didier Lorho professor at the club Carrières-sur-Seine (78) and president of & rsquo; Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association Europe (URKDE) s & rsquo; traveled to Havana.

Solicited by Noslem Miranda, Uechi-ryu precursor to Cuba, Didier Lorho mission was to d & rsquo; provide assistance and expertise for the establishment of the first cut of Uechi-ryu in this country.

The kata competition and kumite, scheduled Sunday 28 October, saw beautiful but fierce fighting, with a few bonus KO. Technicians have shown for their beautiful mastery of their art.

Weak means available, n & rsquo; not marred the smooth running of the event or the & rsquo; enthusiasm of the competitors.

During his stay, Didier Lorho has also given several courses in the dojo of its host but also outdoors, before a public voluntary and conquered.

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