It has been now 18 years since I created the Okinawa Budo and Karate club, Maisons-Laffitte.

I started karate with the Shotokan style with Emmanuel PINDA in 1986. I am also a black belt 1he dan from this school that I obtained in 1990.

I started Uechi-ryu in 1996, by practicing Shotokan in parallel until 1998.

The search for efficiency inside and especially outside the dojo oriented and focused me on the unique practice of Uechi-Ryu..

Combat techniques are closer to reality other than sporting practice.

Le kata Sanchin, highlights the internal aspect of the practice, detectable through breathing work and muscle strengthening.

Finally, the techniques found in kata are more focused on use in self-defense.

I hold a CQP and teach Uechi-Ryu within the club that I chair..

I was elevated to 6th dan in January 2024, at the end of the examination organized by the FFKDA.

Philippe PERROTTA during his 6th dan graduation, entouré de Serge CHOURAQUI 9e dan, his teacher Yukinobu SHIMABUKURO 9th dan and Dominique VALERA 10th dan.

I also obtained the 4th dan Uechi-Ryu in 2011, diploma awarded to me by Soke in Okinawa.

I am finally, kata and kumite league referee and youth and sports bronze medal holder.

My sporting journey has been rich since I started. I have, for main results, several podiums at the Yvelines championships, from Île de France, of the Uechi-Ryu Cup in Tokyo and France as well as qualifications for the French championships.

The club to date counts 65 members made up of children and adults. Very often they are families (parents/children) who come to join us.

On average each year we have 36 % of women, 24% children and 40% of men.

Classes take place on Tuesday, Friday for adults and Sunday for children and adults.

The club's prospects are multiple:

We aim, with the steering committee, to maintain a “family” club, martial, sports and well-being” while raising the martial level of practitioners as best as possible.

To increase the number of members, without losing quality in individual teaching.

To present our members in regional and national competitions.

To prepare our competitors physically and mentally and to qualify them for competitions, whether French or Japanese..

Our club has the motto “karate for everyone 7 to 77 ans ».

Karate course in Tours
Uechi-ryu karate course with Sensei Shimabukuro in Tours (37) March 1 2024