Hello everyone, here are a few lines to introduce myself.

Geoffrey Voisin, teacher, 48 years, 4th dan FFK, president and instructor of Lens Shubukan.

I recently arrived in the Uechi-Ryu family. Indeed, my background is a little unusual, although more and more common if we look closer.

I started martial arts 7 years by judo, like many practitioners of my age. At the time, it was sometimes difficult to find a karate club and the one in my town only accepted children from 12 years.

So I practiced judo for 5 years, and as soon as I reach the required age, I finally signed up for karate, in the same dojo. I continued judo for 2 years, but karate very quickly took over.

A mes 14 years, I finally dedicated myself only to this discipline. The style offered in my club was Shotokan. Obviously I didn't ask myself any questions at that time., and threw myself fully into the study of this martial art.

Unfortunately on the eve of the majority, a serious injury forced me to stop training, or even any sporting activity whatsoever. There then followed a period of compulsory shutdown of 5 about years...

During this, I left the region. When it was possible for me to return to sport, I did not find a karate club that suited me and attracted me. I then slowly returned to the practice of boxing with feet and fists for a while..

Back to my hometown, I immediately re-registered in my original club.

Several years later, I became an instructor in this same club and continued to train there.

In 2020, at the start of this damn Covid period, I had to start the formalities to open my own club and of course everything was stopped in its tracks.

During the first confinement, I trained every day at home, karate of course, but also with tonfa. I took advantage of this period, to discover other styles and learn different katas etc.…

And so it is there, there is a little more 4 years, that I realized that something was missing from my practice, that I detected in other styles.

It is very difficult to admit after 30 years that the karate we practice is not the most appropriate for our personality. To also admit that another style, the Uechi-Ryu in this case, brings us more to allow us to flourish in his art…

So I did a lot of research on the school, the different clubs, les katas, and generally on the practice.

Then one day, I finally took my phone to contact Didier Lorho, to introduce myself and tell him about my project.

In the meantime, I had opened my club, where I obviously taught Shotokan, but also Krav Maga I told him that I would now like to train at this school, under his aegis, for my personal practice on the one hand, but also with the aim of eventually converting my club to Uechi-Ryu.

Didier received me with open arms ! He has been training me since, during internships, courses at the Careers club- on the Seine, or even at his place ! And for my part I devote all my free time to it.

The members of my club are delighted to discover this new style, and like me, find many aspects that we do not have or no longer have in Shotokan.

I feel much closer to this school, I find myself fully there, and Uechi-Ryu corresponds to what I am. I therefore devote myself today exclusively to the study of this style., and I am delighted to join this beautiful family.

Looking forward to meeting you on the tatami !

Kind regards.