What is special about the Uechi Ryu ?

Uechi Ryu Karate uses the idea of ​​the original style « Pangainoon» meaning « half hard and soft half» (Han Courses At Japonais en) or « free use of the hardness and flexibility of our body» (Of course Jizai en Japonais). And fighting techniques are freely apply these two aspects. Just as nature is composed of materials and hard or soft movements, Uechi Ryu indicates that the spirit (Shin), la technique (Gi) and the physical (Or) must be in harmony with these two elements, hardness and flexibility. The Uechi Ryu specializes in close combat techniques. The proximity to the opponent increases the risk of physical blows, for this reason we practice many hardening exercises as Sanchin, Kote Kitae, etc. From curing exercises, we learn when to use the hardness and when to use the flexibility to defend.

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