The 22 to 29 more 2024, Sadanao UECHI, current Soke of the Uechi-Ryu school and his cousin Hirotatsu Uechi stayed in France at the invitation of the URKDE.
Sadanao, better known as Kansho, is the great-grandson of Kanbun Uechi., founder of the school that bears his name. Hirotastu for his part, is the son of Hirosada Uechi, himself son of Kansei. Kansei was the brother of Kanei Uechi.
It was 5 years since Sadanao had not come to France. In 2019, the latter was accompanied by his brother Kanyu and his son Kanichiro.
It’s a busy schedule that has been put together for them., with several training sessions and courses but above all an active presence during the French Uechi-Ryu Cup. Beyond the numerous visits to the capital, it's Thursday 23 May that our two experts began to share their knowledge at the Carrières-sur-Seine club (78). Young and old were able to benefit from their expertise for two hours.
Saturday 25 more, the annual meeting of style practitioners has finally arrived, with the French Uechi-Ryu Cup which has been taking place since 13 years already in Maisons-Laffitte. It is near 180 competitors who faced each other (kata et kumite) throughout this day. On this occasion, Sadanao and Hirotatsu acted as kata judges, putting a lot of pressure on our technicians present on the tatami.
Sunday 26 more than 09 h 00 to 12 h 00, place in the first internship of their stay. On this occasion, 90 practitioners, mostly from school, had traveled from all over France, but also from Belgium, from Spain and Portugal.

During these three hours, the work focused on the Sanchin kata, le kote kitae et les Yakosoku kumite. A l’issue, Soke handed out Dan's diplomas to three new graduates.

Monday 27 more, direction the Touraine lands where a second course is scheduled in Larçay (37) in the dojo of our friend Lazare. Before meeting the thirty participants registered for this seminar, our two experts first enjoyed a visit to the beautiful city of Tours and a tasting of Vouvray wine at the Domaine des Aubuissières.
It is at 19 h 00 that the appointment was made for two hours of lessons, during which the fundamentals of style were discussed and worked on. A friendly drink awaited all participants at the end of this excellent training.
The next morning, Tuesday 28 more, back, under the rain, towards the capital, where we have an appointment with the president of the French federation of karate and associated disciplines, Francis Didier. After an interview, a gift giving and a lunch heading to Yvelines with a final training session at the Maisons-Laffitte club. It's again 01 h 30 of courses which were taught with, among other things, the work of Hojo Undo and Yakusoku kumite. A dinner ended this busy day.
Wednesday 29 more, the time of return has come for our two friends, after a busy week, just like their suitcases !!!
The weather was not good and fatigue set in., it was at my home that we landed before reaching Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport accompanied by Yukinobu Shimabukuro. This was an opportunity to compare our points of view and to review certain technical gestures in complete peace of mind..
After a last drink, Sadanao and Hirotatsu Uechi have left us to return to Okinawa. For my part, it is with great joy that I will meet them again in July.
This week will have been very enriching both in terms of karate and on a human level.. There is no doubt that both were unanimously unanimous due to their kindness and benevolence..
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the smooth running of their stay.

Didier Lorho

President of URKDE

Article in karate magazine 06 2024