The word le

What is a Kata?

Le Cover (the shape) is a series of techniques of attack and defense. It consists of blocks and attacks against using all the members of the body. The sequence of movements is strictly determined. Must properly memorize.

What is the role of Kata Karate-do?

Kata has three main roles. The first is to learn the combat techniques to defend. The second is to pass Karate techniques to the next generation. And the third is to reveal the beauty of the martial art as practiced Katas generation to generation have a unique beauty. A Kata consists of 30 to 60 blocking and attack techniques, it generally takes between one to three minutes. Kata for beginners is simple and short, and it becomes longer and more difficult as the level of practicing. Kata is a fight or several fights. Kata must be performed with more sharpness and hardness with a rhythm.

What do the names of the Kata?

Each Kata is distinguished by its name. Kata is named according to its role, techniques contained, the creator's name, the name of the teacher, the name of the region, the name of an animal, etc. Uechi Ryu Kata there are eight: Sanchin, Kanshiwa, Kanshu, Seichin, Seisan, Seiryu, Kanchin and Sanseirui.

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