One foundation : mark a first point. For karate competition, the distance east primary, it is imperative to master the different distances and including security and trade.

The battle strategy is to penetrate the distance exchange without getting score points, and place an ippon, ou un attractive SAMBON.

In sports karate, it is possible to classify competitors 2 categories : the attacker and blocker.

The blocker

Defend and counter property is as difficult as many attack.

The blocker will start its work and develop their sensory faculties while avoiding traps and feints of the attacker. He will have a psychological resistance to the pressure will be imposed. His weapons to thwart the attack are true or false evasion, blocking, feigned or unhinged body.

At the most appropriate, the blocker let the attacker penetrate its security zone, block the attack and can counter and mark the point at the same time. Either is good against technical and brand, either against imprecise. In this case, it is essential that the body and mind go forward while passing attack by controlling its security zone.

The ideal against occurs the instant the attacker "thinks" his attack.

In order to control the battle, the blocker can feint instability. Then, he can move laterally to avoid attacks. The decline was in line to prohibit because it facilitates the action of the attacker.

The tactic is to simulate the pressure affects us into attacking. This involves a mental concentré, lucid and clairvoyant ; Once cornered, the blocker simulating weakness response with a simple attack and lightning. The opponent thinking be in a state of superiority will be a sad surprise undergoing the reaction of offensive blocker. Psychologically wrong, he will be disarmed against counter-attack.

A blocker is absolutely "feel", decode, anticipate the intentions of the enemy. He will not let striker develop his technique, it reacts the moment there introduction in the exchange zone and from the first offensive movement.

The attacker

He takes the initiative to enter the battle. It will spontaneously initiate confrontation. His mind turned to the reflected explosive action and the "key milestone". It builds and organizes attacks, It is not about rushing headlong and make counter.

To avoid surprises, the attacker must control the distance of attack and distance button. The goal is to get in and out by scoring a point without getting hit.

To lead the fight, be aware impose pressure. The combat area, the presence of the fighter and its advanced body are not assured of success. A sustained and controlled pressure helps advantage of the weaknesses of the opponent : flight straight or disorderly, loss of concentration, panic, bad blocking, leaving the fighting area, imbalance…

The trick is to simulate false attacks and stay mobile, while increasing body feints and movements. The blocker is in fog. The permanent mobility of the attacker will be a very embarrassing handicap for the blocker, it will hide the departures are often indicative of the individual's intentions.

A moving target is harder to hit than a static target.

Simulations false attacks, the varied levels of feints will be assets to destabilize the spirit of the adversary. Let go his mind to creativity, try his "special" (or "blows drives"), varying heights, innovate in chains.

Preparation and pressure matched correctly, the attack can then go to the end of his action.

Address mobility without conviction and without the blocker guard and ready, he is facilitating the work. As it will be mobilized in defense :

Psychologically, it will not feel affirmative action, as it undergoes.
Physically, he will be forced to give ground, the cons are more difficult to carry backwards.

Once you find a flaw in your opponent, you gotta hit burst. You have to defend yourself with piercing eyes, with legs and fingered. Si tu te relâches un instant, This is when the opponent will launch its assault.