The greeting is a gesture of courtesy and respect for each other by putting their level. She is also a sincere gesture of thanks to those who help. We welcome upon entering the room and at the end of the workout because you have to consider the place of training as a special place, dedicated, to forge our bodies and minds. By salvation is symbolically change this place sacred to purify his heart. One can note a few other examples of greetings: Sensei Ni Rei: Professor Greet. Otogai Ni Rei: Greet. We made a hello when we belatedly joined training. It is a salvation before and after Kata. It is a salvation before and after work with his partner. We made a hello to the teacher or former for individual questions during training. We made a hello before getting on the carpet or leave, It also makes a hello to the judge and the adversary in competition during the transition from one grade.