Karate your Karatedo ?

Both terms are equivalent. Initially, discipline defense with bare hands was called Karate (mains vides). It was adopted in the early twentieth century in schools as a martial art with great values ​​in physical and mental domains. To consider karate as physical education as important as Kendo (the way of the sword) and Judo (the gentle way), Do (channel) was added to the word Karate in years 1920. We can say that in Japan, Karate word is used in oral conversations, and Karatedo is used in the literature. otherwise, the first is often used in a narrower sense (as in Karate Okinawan, french Karate, Shotokan Karate, etc.) Karatedo and represents the entire discipline like the Judo, du Kendo, Aikido, etc.

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  • Literature

    Book: “Uechi-ryu Karate-do” Sensei Shimabukuro Yukinobu

    Livre Uechi Ryu Karate Do

    Finally released, This is the first work in France on the Uechi-ryu and French. Directed by Sensei Shimabukuro Yukinobu, 9th dan Uechi-ryu shubukan, representative of Uechi-ryu in Europe by soke Uechi-ryu. This collection gives us the history of karate, of Uechi-ryu but also the history of Shimabukuro Sensei himself, told in a very modest way with great humility.